"We appreciate the in-depth materials + clarity the Datable course has provided for us and our team!

With multiple traffic sources, it's easy to lose sight of what is actually working, converting and bringing in revenue.

Working with Datable has allowed us to build dashboards and systems to see the exact data from our funnels and allows us to lean further into what is working, and tweak what isn't.

We highly recommend diving deeper into your analytics with Datable - it's eye-opening and empowering!"

- Natalie Ellis + Team Bossbabe

"We were able to generate some really incredible results from implementing that in our business. "

-Ellie Swift, Business Coach

"When I was introduced to Jennifer I felt like I was operating my million dollar business on intuition. Knowing your audience and offer well enough to scale to 7 figures is awesome, but I knew that it would require data-driven decisions to scale to the next level.

Thanks to Jennifer I have clear, accurate information about exactly what my customers are doing within my funnels. Knowing where sales are coming from is empowering to say the least. I highly recommend it for any entrepreneur wanting to scale without working harder!"

- Lauren Golden, Free Mama

- Adrienne Richardson

"Great to find insights to help with our next iteration of this launch! I was able to see how well our organic efforts had been working WAY better than our paid ones. So if we double down on growing our organic for the next event, then we should be able to double our numbers. It is super reassuring to be able to know where our CUSTOMERS/CLIENTS came from instead of guessing. "

- Jordan Gill, Systems Saved Me

"Our experience was really great! Full of great information and exactly what we needed and asked for. We had a data tracking system created and it was executed very well."

- Haley Burkhead

"This is something I’d recommend whether you’re just building your team or have a lot of team members to manage. We use it daily, and it’s made an amazing impact in terms of team spend, efficiency, and overall decisions and operations.
- Allie Bjerk"

- Allie Bjerk

- Kari Poppleton

- Chrissie Riese

- Julie Hankins

"I am blown away by how personal and supportive this course group is - I'm so glad I invested in the course!"

- Laura McKenzie

"I won't lie, I did A LOT of research and stalking before purchasing this course. And let me tell you, it is worth EVERY. FREAKIN. DIME. Thank you Nimble Co Team! Sometimes it's hard to teach the "not so sexy" topics in a way that one can easily comprehend and understand with ease. But you all nailed it!"

"Data is complex, you've simplified it. Data is time-consuming, you've found a way for businesses to easily craft it into their schedules. Data makes service providers feel insecure (because they are not as knowledgeable) and you've found a way to make us feel at ease and make informed decisions.
Thank you for designing a program (that even with all the new people teaching in this industry) is untouchable in how data is explained."

- Qwantel Mosley

"I’m loving the program so far. I think it’s well organized and I like the length of the videos - it makes it easy to commit to at least one module each week. In order for me to retain what I learn, I need to be able to apply it so the assignments are super helpful in that respect. I never thought I’d be excited about building dashboards, but I definitely find myself looking forward to the next lesson."

- Stacie Slack

"It’s given me the confidence to work with bigger clients. Having done Jen’s course, I have the know-how to sit with the CEO and the marketing team of a great company and really delve into the analytics."

- Claudia E

"I can't thank you enough for taking the overwhelming amount of information from Google Analytics and showing me where to focus my energy.

Dashboard: In the past, when I'd hear terms like "dashboard" or "analytics" I used to shut down. I didn't consider myself a "numbers person" and didn't know where to look in Google Analytics for the right information and - worse yet - I didn't know how to apply the information I was finding to my business. But to me, this dashboard isn't even about "numbers". It's more of targeted to-do list for better content creation that is sure to resonate with my readers. At a glance I can get the information I need and then get back to work and know I'm not wasting my time or second-guessing myself. I can't thank you enough for taking the overwhelming amount of information from Google Analytics and showing me where to focus my energy."

- Natalie M

"You are freaking amazing Jen! Seriously, you define overdelivering and I couldn't be happier to be a part of your community!"

- Tracy Hoobyar

"Adding measurement services as an add-on to my existing marketing retainer packages was a no-brainer.

My clients are excited about the potential to get new data that can help them get a deeper understanding of their audience and their marketing efforts. I’m excited to use the dashboards I’ve created to provide prettier reports that are easy for anyone to understand and to pair them with the market research, strategy analysis, and recommendations I provide to my clients already."

- Vanessa S

"Measure and Maximize has enabled me to give a MASSIVE value add to my clients with these dashboards. There’s so much versatility and potential with data studio, it can be used to strengthen many of the services we provide online....I cannot say enough good things about the course! Also Jen is an all around awesome human."

"I don’t sell it as a stand-alone offer, but I’ve added it to my high-end 1:1 services and it’s a huge value add. I do financial dashboards and since it’s difficult to do advanced reporting in QBO (particularly when Stripe is involved), data studio has given me a way to provide a ton of new insights to clients in a beautiful way. Cannot express enough gratitude to you for this, Jennifer!"

- Emily V

"I feel like I got so much value out of it just within the first couple of modules that it paid for itself. I was able to go in and see from my automation which emails in a sequence generated the most revenue. It was a goldmine of information, and I didn’t know that I had it in there already."

"Being able to have a clear picture of my data was worth the investment many times over. I’ve created dashboards that help me answer questions like “which blog posts are actually leading to sales? Which YouTube videos are actually driving people to opt-in? What is my funnel’s conversion rate and average cart value and how are they changing over time?” This is seriously going to help so much, especially as I launch a new content marketing strategy, because I don’t want to waste time creating content that doesn’t produce results! The ability to pull in spreadsheet data next to Google Analytics data was a game changer (especially because Kajabi’s analytics are so basic.) And finally seeing how my email campaigns are paying off in $$$ was a HUGE eye opener! Anyway, thanks so much for everything — I’ve invested tens of thousands in education for my business and this was easily one of the most actionable and helpful courses I’ve ever taken."

- Ashley M

"I wish I had this course 10 years ago. You can look up YouTube videos…but that’s not giving you step one to step ten of what to do and why it matters. Here’s where to spend your time. Here’s how to set things up."

- Audrey S

"I'm LOVING Measure & Maximize and all the other courses and goodies I've been going through as part of the program"

- Christa P

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