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Success in Business Isn't Some Magical Secret. It's Data-Driven.
And Learning to Leverage It Changes Everything.
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"We appreciate the in-depth materials + clarity the Datable course has provided for us and our team!

With multiple traffic sources, it's easy to lose sight of what is actually working, converting and bringing in revenue.

Working with Datable has allowed us to build dashboards and systems to see the exact data from our funnels and allows us to lean further into what is working, and tweak what isn't.

We highly recommend diving deeper into your analytics with Datable - it's eye-opening and empowering!"

- Natalie Ellis + Team Bossbabe

The biggest issue in online marketing... is that most people spend so much time and money listening to gurus teach about what worked for them.

They waste thousands of dollars and hours, and many quit because they feel like they never found the magic secret.

But the truth is? The answers aren't in what worked for someone else and their audience.

The answer is within your own data.

It's like a GPS for your business. Your data is the *only* thing that will tell you right away if you're on track or going in the wrong direction.

You want to make more money.


And you want to know the most effective and impactful way to do it that doesn’t involve throwing more spaghetti at an already messy wall

Here’s the thing, you’ve probably…

  • Created success in your business. You’ve been signing clients or selling products but a lot of times it feels like a fluke. It’s been really hard for you to establish a replicable process in your business that you know WORKS
  • You’re spending (maybe a lot) on support from team or contractors but you’re having a really difficult time knowing if the ROI is there or if they’re even focusing on the RIGHT things that actually move the needle forward
  • You’ve done the courses and programs but are always disappointed (if you’re really honest) that the coach’s “system” didn’t work for you like it seems to work for them
  • You not only want to help yourself make more money but you want to be seen as a go-to expert that can help others as well (and actually feel confident in your ability to do that)

There’s one way to do all this 👆 and it has nothing to do with learning what worked for someone else.

It has everything to do with mastering measurement, getting real data, and

being able to maximize your results.

"I highly recommend it for any entrepreneur wanting to scale without working harder!

Before working with Datable, I was frustrated that I couldn’t see the complete picture of where my online conversions were happening. Which meant I couldn’t make strategic choices about my time, marketing efforts, or team members.

Thanks to Datable I have clear, accurate information about exactly what my customers are doing within my funnels. Knowing where sales are coming from is empowering to say the least."


When you can harness the power of measurement and data, amazing things start to become possible…

Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect:

  • Become “the expert”, not only in your own business but others’ businesses as well
  • Make more revenue (because you know what works), AND way more profit because you’re only spending on the things that truly give you an ROI
  • Have way more time because you know what works and spend your time working THAT (and not the million other things you could be wasting time doing)
  • Gain an entirely new level of confidence - as the CEO of your own business- and in your ability to help others in theirs
  • Stop taking business so personally. You look at the data, understand why, and make adjustments that change the results
  • Quit constantly guessing why things aren’t working the way you want them to. You just KNOW. Then you make informed decisions from there to get them working exactly how you want them to
  • Experience what it's like to have a well-oiled machine in your business. Things just start to ‘click’. You get what works and why it works.
These are the things that seven-figure CEOs are made of.
  • They have the sureness, the confidence, and the ability to know what works and what doesn’t

  • They de-personalize business, without trying to solve problems that don't exist

  • They leverage their time and money in the most effective ways, and they get how to help other people do the same

We don’t know any seven-figure CEOs talking about how they got to where they are because they did exactly what someone else did, do you?

Didn't think so.

They got there because they figured out what worked for them and leveraged it like crazy.

And there’s only one thing that can help you do that… DATA.

And until now there wasn’t an easy, accessible, and female-founder friendly way to measure and maximize data and to get the results it so easily provides.

It is super reassuring to be able to know where our CUSTOMERS/CLIENTS came from instead of guessing.

Great to find insights to help with our next iteration of this launch! I was able to see how well our organic efforts had been working WAY better than our paid ones. So if we double down on growing our organic for the next event, then we should be able to double our numbers. It is super reassuring to be able to know where our CUSTOMERS/CLIENTS came from instead of guessing. - JORDAN GIL, SYSTEMS SAVED ME

But now there is…

Measure & Maximize gives you the knowledge and tools to know what’s working (and what’s not) so you can spend your time, money, and effort in the best way to reach your business goals.

It is the ONLY way you'll actually know you're growing as fast as possible for YOUR business model, goals, etc. Think of it as your personalized fast track to success.

This program truly meets you wherever you are at whatever level of business you’re at. It’s never too early or too late to start tracking your data, and it’s never too early or too late to see the insane results that come from it.

Here’s the breakdown of what you’ll receive in this course:

  • Streamlined step-by-step training for every stage of business: 8 modules of actionable on-demand video training that shares how to use data for predictable, streamlined growth (whether you’re on your way to your first client or first million-dollar quarter).
  • A “Fast Pass” option which gives you plug and play Traffic, Lead Magnet, Product/Offer Funnel, and 404 Error Page Dashboards that you can have up and running in just 2-3 hours.
  • Lifetime access to the content so you can pause and implement as you go (and come back to these trainings again and again if questions pop up for you or a client).
  • Access to our signature 3-Part Measurement Method - Planning, Building, and Reporting - so you understand which metrics are most relevant to you and how to find them/keep tabs on them/analyze your data to get the answers you’re looking for.
  • Step-by-step guidance for building 4 custom dashboards so you can quickly and easily see what’s working vs. not working in your business.
  • Live coaching calls for extra hands-on technical and data analyzing support because we know questions will pop up around your numbers and what they’re telling you - and we’re here to help EVERY step of the way!
  • Access to our private community and support inbox for daily support and troubleshooting. We’ll even dive into the tech alongside you!

This program is different because we aren’t teaching you a bunch of concepts for you to go off and figure out how to use.

We actually teach you how to build 4 specific types of dashboards that are most commonly needed for online businesses of all kinds.

Monitor your sales in

real-time with the...

Sales Dashboard

The Sales Dashboard answers questions like...

  • How much cash have we collected across all channels this month?
  • How much have we paid out in refunds?
  • What is our average order value?
  • How is revenue trending over time and against goal?
  • What is our best selling product or offer?

(Note: Those accepting payments in Kajabi may not be able to pull all of this detail)

Know where your traffic is

coming from with the...

Traffic Dashboard

The Traffic Dashboard answers questions like...

  • Where are our leads coming from?
  • Where are our sales coming from?
  • Which marketing activities are generating us the most leads/sales?
  • Which marketing activities are not getting us any results?
  • How do conversion rates vary by traffic source?

Find and fix your funnel

leaks with the...

Funnel Dashboard

The Funnel Dashboard answers questions like...

  • How are leads moving through the funnel?
  • Where are there leaks in our funnels or opportunities to improve conversions?
  • What is our funnel abandon rate?
  • What is our funnel conversion rate?
  • How much revenue has this funnel generated?

Launch with

confidence with the...

Launch Dashboard

The Launch Dashboard answers questions like...

  • How much revenue did we generate during this launch?
  • Where did our sales come from?
  • Which emails lead to more sales? Which emails need to be improved next time?
  • Which launch marketing activities do we want to repeat or cancel next time we launch?

Imagine being only 2-3 hours away from MOST of the answers above 👆

With our Fast Pass option you could have plug and play Traffic, Lead Magnet, Product/Offer Funnel, and 404 Error Page Dashboards up and running in just 2-3 hours.

👇 Click on the video below for a walkthrough of some of our dashboards. 👇

When you finish this program you’ll walk away with TANGIBLE and incredibly insightful dashboards that will forever change your business

(plus the skills to build even more)

And don't stress about what you don't know..
  • Not a numbers person? You don’t need to be!
  • Wouldn’t consider yourself techy? We’ll help make it simple!
  • Don’t think your business is big enough? It won’t be until you know what to focus on.
  • Worried it will take too much of your (or your team’s time)? With our Fast Pass you can have dashboards generating data and information in just 2-3 hours

This course will teach you everything you need to know to set your business up for success with long-term growth strategies that work for YOUR business—not someone else’s.

    Here's what you'll learn through on-demand video training:   

module one

Preparing to Measure

Our goal for this module is to help you feel comfortable and confident working with data, provide you with a framework for thinking about what to measure so you know exactly where to focus, and have you plan your initial measurement setup.

  • You’ll walk away feeling confident with numbers, knowing exactly what to measure, and having a personalized plan to get started on.

module two

Measurement Setup

Our goal for this module is to have you set up, install, and properly configure your Google Analytics account so you can capture your marketing analytics.

  • We also want you to feel confident with and understand how to navigate Google Analytics (we promise, it’s not scary!).
  • You’ll walk away having installed GA on your website, having verified it’s sending data, and having your events and conversions set up to start measuring.

module three

Preparing to Report

Our goal for this module is to ensure you understand what a dashboard is and what makes a great one, so you can build the most impactful and useful dashboards for your business.

  • We’ll also introduce you to “Looker Studio”, the tool you’ll use to build custom dashboards.
  • Don’t worry: We keep this simple and walk you through step-by-step how to build the 4 most commonly needed dashboards for online businesses of all kinds!

module four

Traffic Data and Dashboards

Our goal for this module is for you to understand where your traffic is coming from and how your funnels are performing so you can ensure you’re getting the most leads, reach, and engagement possible.

  • We’ll dive into the key components of measuring traffic data and teach you how to use “UTM parameters” for advanced insights. (UTM parameters will take your marketing to new heights as you get information about things like specific social media posts and how they’re performing!)
  • You’ll walk away having built both a traffic AND funnel dashboard, two dashboards that will change your business and show you how valuable this data can truly be!

module five

Build a Product/Sales Dashboard

Our goal for this module is to ensure you have all the sales data you need to make informed decisions that get you more sales. We find even the most experienced business owners (or bookkeepers) struggle to explain where revenue is coming from and how products are performing.

  • We’ll help you de-mystify this data and build a sales dashboard to easily keep tabs on your sales (and how to improve them) moving forward.
  • You’ll walk away feeling clear and certain about how your programs and products are performing and the opportunities you have to grow even more!

module six

Launch Dashboard

Our goal for this module is for you to understand how your launches are performing so you can ensure you’re getting the best results possible.

  • We’ll help you organize your launch so you can easily get reliable insights that help you adjust in real-time to what’s working and what isn’t.
  • You’ll be able to track your launches throughout the entire launch cycle to see when most sales come through, compare to previous launches, and make smart adjustments throughout your launch.
  • You’ll walk away having built a launch dashboard to use for every launch in your business moving forward, plus know how to analyze past launches for better results!

module seven

Dashboard Design

Our goal for this module is for you to not just be a numbers queen but do so with style. This is not your mama’s outdated excel spreadsheet—and it shouldn’t look like it, either.

  • We’ll teach you styling tricks to make your dashboard stand out for you, your team, and/or your clients, plus the questions you should be asking to make your data tell a story.
  • You’ll also be able to understand how to select the types of displays that work best for the questions you’re trying to answer.
  • You’ll walk away feeling like a true CEO with dashboards and data that match it.

module eight

Turning Data to Insights

Our goal for this module is for you to be able to make sense of your data and apply it to your business.

  • We’ll walk you through our ‘OCT Framework’ (Opportunity, Change, Trend) so you can interpret your dashboards and use them to make smart decisions that grow your business.
  • We’ll teach you best practices for monthly data reviews, plus how to create and test a theory in your business so you can see how your ideas will perform before you invest tons of hours or dollars.
  • You’ll walk away feeling more certain in your decisions, confident in your next steps, and most importantly, able to apply this over and over at every level of your business to maximize your success and profit long-term.

Know you'll need some personal help not only building the dashboards, but interpreting what  they tell you and making the best move for your business?

Measure & Maximize comes with a monthly “data night” Q&A call (get it?😂) with Jen & Lacey. Whether you need tech trouble-shooting, have course questions, want logistical support, or are looking business coaching on what your data is telling you- we got you! We'll be there live with you to make sure you're never stuck as you build your dashboards, and that once you do, you'll  have support in interpreting and using that data in your business for the best results!

And here's the best part... even if you don't have a question, we encourage you to come to the call and co-work with us. This is a way to move forward in the course and know you have live support right there if you get stuck or have a question! Let's just say, it's one of the best dates you could have 😉

Want the dashboards without learning all the ins and outs?

You also get our "Fast Pass" version of the program

Our goal for this version of the program is for you to have 4 dashboards set up in just 2-3 hours.We want you to utilize ALL the modules in the course so you can get the most out of data in your business, but we wanted to ensure you could have a quick win and easy access to your data right away.

We’ll help you get Google Analytics set up in the quickest, easiest and most efficient way possible and be able to plug that info into these pre-built dashboards immediately.

  • You’ll walk away having Traffic, Lead Magnet, Product/Offer Funnel, and 404 Error Page Dashboards up and running in just 2-3 hours.
"That's What She Said"

Being able to have a clear picture of my data was worth the investment many times over.

I’ve created dashboards that help me answer questions like “which blog posts are actually leading to sales? Which YouTube videos are actually driving people to opt-in? What is my funnel’s conversion rate and average cart value and how are they changing over time?” This is seriously going to help so much, especially as I launch a new content marketing strategy, because I don’t want to waste time creating content that doesn’t produce results! The ability to pull in spreadsheet data next to Google Analytics data was a game changer (especially because Kajabi’s analytics are so basic.) And finally seeing how my email campaigns are paying off in $$$ was a HUGE eye opener! Anyway, thanks so much for everything — I’ve invested tens of thousands in education for my business and this was easily one of the most actionable and helpful courses I’ve ever taken."


I can't thank you enough for taking the overwhelming amount of information from Google Analytics and showing me where to focus my energy.

Dashboard: In the past, when I'd hear terms like "dashboard" or "analytics" I used to shut down. I didn't consider myself a "numbers person" and didn't know where to look in Google Analytics for the right information and - worse yet - I didn't know how to apply the information I was finding to my business. But to me, this dashboard isn't even about "numbers". It's more of targeted to-do list for better content creation that is sure to resonate with my readers. At a glance I can get the information I need and then get back to work and know I'm not wasting my time or second-guessing myself. I can't thank you enough for taking the overwhelming amount of information from Google Analytics and showing me where to focus my energy.


The Traffic Insights Dashboard is going to be a very helpful tool long-term.

It takes the data between Google tools and combines it in a way that saves so much time and helps improve the analysis process. I love that it already includes Pinterest, and that I was able to quickly see where there were gaps in tracking traffic and get them fixed easily.


“I've always wondered which emails in my automations were actually leading to sales... I had no idea that info has been sitting in GA this whole time!"


Measure & Maximize

was created so that you can:

  1. >Be an expert at understanding the numbers behind your marketing and sales activities
  2. <Have gorgeous custom dashboards that make it easy for you (or your clients) to review what's working and what's not at a glance
  3. >Be able to maximize your time, money, and energy to get the biggest results (and have a clear roadmap to doing so)
  4. <Have quick and easy access to your most important data and be able to set it up in just a couple of hours without being a tech whiz or math major 

Plus, you get these bonuses 👇👇


“Black Book” of Conversion Rates

Compare the rates you see to industry benchmarks and get a handle on how well your funnel is performing. This will help you see your gaps and make the right tweaks to see better results.


Team Time Dashboard

AKA "Getting Creative with Reporting": An over-the-shoulder tutorial where I show you how I created an automated dashboard to track team time from hours submitted in a Google Form (so you know where your team’s time is going and how to delegate for biggest ROI).


Graphic Elements for Your Dashboard

Make your dashboards pop with easy-to-read graphics that you can tweak with just a few clicks. This will help you not only be able to access your data, but create beautiful reports with it for you, your team, or your clients.


The Basics of Google Tag Manager

Learn the basics of Google Tag Manager for more advanced measurement. This means you'll be able to track even more details about your users' visits and the actions they take on your website helping you get even more strategic with your marketing.


Delegate Your Data Workshop

Our free workshop and toolkit teaching you how you can delegate the collection and management of data in your business. This includes SOP's for handing this off to your team.

Join Measure and Maximize Today

You get all of this...

  • Unlimited access to course modules including future updates ($2,997)
  • Unlimited access to a private Facebook community
  • Access to our “Fast Pass” that makes getting set up and accessing your data as easy as possible ($1997)
  • Access to monthly live "Data Night" Q&A calls with Jen & Lacey for 12 months ($997)
  • Access to Monthly "Office Hours" calls with our Student Success Manager for 12 months ($497)
  • 1x1 support as needed via email from the Datable team to troubleshoot tech issues for 12 months ($997)
  • BONUS: “Black Book” of Standard Industry Conversion Rates ($47)
  • BONUS: The Basics of Google Tag Manager ($997)
  • BONUS: Team Time Dashboard & Getting Creative with Reporting Workshop ($97)
  • BONUS: Graphic Elements for your Dashboards ($47)
  • BONUS: Delegate Your Data Workshop ($497)

... for only $1297 🎉

(Payment plans available at checkout)

On the fence? We’ve got options.

  • Not sure if this program is right for you? Email us at Support (at) We can answer any questions you may have to help you decide if this is a good fit.
  • Check out program love notes from past and current students
  • Now not the right time? Grab our metrics generator for a completely customized measurement plan
  • Been burned by crappy courses before and want to look inside before you buy? Check out this behind-the-scenes tour.
I wish I had this course 10 years ago.

You can look up YouTube videos…but that's not giving you step one to step ten of what to do and why it matters. Here's where to spend your time. Here's how to set things up. - Audrey S
Should be a no-brainer for anyone running a business.

I was doing a first-quarter review with one of my clients and when I pulled up the two dashboards I purchased, he was AMAZED. He didn't have a clue what was actually driving traffic or what was going on with his SEO. To be able to just go through your video and have it set up in 10 minutes - amazing! Should be a no-brainer for anyone running a business. - DAWN SINKULE, CEO, DIGITAL DAWN
I can see exactly what my team is spending their time on and what those activities are costing me so I can make even more effective decisions

I love the team process and dashboard Jennifer created for my business. I can see exactly what my team is spending their time on and what those activities are costing me so I can make even more effective decisions as a rapidly growing business. This is something I'd recommend whether you're just building your team or have a lot of team members to manage. We use it daily, and it's made an amazing impact in terms of team spend, efficiency, and overall decisions and operations. - Allie Bjerk
blue arrow pointed down
    The problem with the online space is this...   
Either you're told there is one way to do it ... and you must do it that way to be successful (which literally makes zero sense unless we're building franchises - last time I checked, you're not a Chick-Fil-A so it's time to stop treating your business like one).
Or you're basically told it doesn't matter. To drop all the business principles, transport yourself to another dimension, get other peoples' codes, and if you're not drowning in cash, then you are somehow not downloading the codes right or are 'blocking' yourself

Yeah, NO. We don't play in all that B.S.

We teach you how to measure real results so that you can create way more of them in the way that works best for you, your business and your audience. 

No Chick-Fil-As or other dimensional access required. Though feel free to dabble in those as much as you want as long as you’re using data alongside it. 😊

oh, hey there
    we're jen and lacey   

We believe your numbers exist whether you know them or not and that getting intimate with them is the single most important thing you can do for long-term success.

We’ve both been behind the scenes in six, seven, and eight-figure businesses in our space and we know that what works for one person or business doesn’t always work for another.

Until now, there hasn’t been a great way for the women business owners in our space to actually know and measure what those things are. That meant you were at the whim of what someone else was telling you, constantly guessing, or feeling like you had to be a ‘tech bro’ to figure all of this out. Not anymore.

We’re here because we’re not mathletes, tech bros, or data scientists. We’re multi-six and seven-figure business owners who have been behind some of the biggest names in the game and know that data is what works and that there’s a simple and effective way to access it.

We want to give you the tools to stop hemorrhaging money, start making informed decisions, know how to spot leaky funnels, low-performing team members, or programs that need a marketing jump-start.

Basically… we want to make data as easy as swiping right which is exactly what we do in Measure and Maximize. ✨

We start by exploring the tools you have available to you.

Then we dig into what questions you should be asking based on the type of business you’re working with, where to find the answers, and how to display them in a format that’s easy to understand (and updates without any heavy lifting on your end).

Ultimately, what we want you to understand is this… 

You could spend $20,000 on that guru’s mastermind, $6,000 on that group program, or $2999 on the next course that promises to teach you the six steps to success. But if you go into it without data? Expect to be on a wild goose chase.

Knowing how to harness data is the investment that makes all the other investments pay off by (1) showing you where your results are coming from now and (2) telling you what to do or invest in next for predictable growth.


It helps you invest in the right things. For example, let’s say you know most of your traffic and sales are coming from your Facebook group but hardly any are coming from Instagram. Great - you can double down on what's working and see your sales skyrocket.


It helps you make the most out of and leverage those investments. Using that same example, you can look at what is working so well about the Facebook group and start making adjustments to Instagram to mirror that and see more traction in both spaces.

This program is for you if you:

  • Have a hunch that the data you’re trying to gather isn’t right and want to set yourself up for metric success from the start so you can leverage it to get better results
  • Want to know how to significantly increase the revenue and profitability of your service-based clients or business
  • Feel busy, but like your income isn’t matching your output of work and marketing efforts and are ready to start seeing WAY more bang for your buck
  • Want to know what to delegate so you can spend more time doing the things you love in your business and see better results from it
  • Don’t understand how and where to begin gathering data and have no idea what to do with it once you do have it and are ready to change that so you can be the success story you keep reading about
  • Want to track specific efforts AND understand how to read the data to ensure you’re maximizing every opportunity in business… and ultimately creating the highest revenue and best profit margin because of it.

And if we’re just keeping it real (which we love to do):

Every single business owner marketing online needs this program. Without it, you are wasting time, energy, and money. Period.

We said what we said 💁🏻‍♀️

"PS Your Measure & Maximize course is blowing my mind. We took ALL of the GA courses Google has out and I feel like I already have a better understanding of how to use GA and dashboards than I ever did before. Thank you!" -Steph

Love Notes 💕

Adding measurement services as an add-on to my existing marketing retainer packages was a no-brainer.

My clients are excited about the potential to get new data that can help them get a deeper understanding of their audience and their marketing efforts. I'm excited to use the dashboards I've created to provide prettier reports that are easy for anyone to understand and to pair them with the market research, strategy analysis, and recommendations I provide to my clients already.


This has sold some new clients recently!

I don't sell it as a stand-alone offer, but I've added it to my high-end 1:1 services and it's a huge value add. I do financial dashboards and since it's difficult to do advanced reporting in QBO (particularly when Stripe is involved), data studio has given me a way to provide a ton of new insights to clients in a beautiful way. Cannot express enough gratitude to you for this, Jennifer!


It's given me the confidence to work with bigger clients.

Having done Jen's course, I have the know-how to sit with the CEO and the marketing team of a great company and really delve into the analytics.


Quiz Time!

How many of the below boxes do you check off?
(Our money’s on a minimum of 3)

  • You’re a solopreneur or online business owner who sells digital courses, memberships, programs or products and wants to have a crystal-clear understanding of what’s working in your business
  • You work as part of an online business team and you want to have data at your fingertips so you can answer any questions your boss or your clients throw at you
  • You provide done-for-you or done-with-you services and you’re looking to deliver a premium experience to your clients that you can charge premium rates for
  • You’re already finding yourself constantly wanting and looking for more data (whether that’s how your launch did, or how your funnel is converting) and are craving easy-to-digest ways to get this information and look at it regularly
  • You aren’t a numbers person, but you know you could be leveraging them for more success, and you want to actually be able to do that easily
  • The thought of adding new tools to your tech stack doesn’t always get you pumped, but the idea of adding more revenue and profit to your business does
  • You know that the ability to create dashboards will be rocket fuel for your business, whether you’re using them to track your own data or building them for your clients
  • You’ve done the program parade and know a lot of the things you could or should be doing, but you’re ready to dive in and learn the fundamentals of Google Analytics (or have your team member do it for you) so that you understand the ins and outs of how your marketing is working for you

Was that a check, check, check, check?

If you checked off at least three of those boxes, you’ll get the most out of Measure & Maximize

We can't wait to meet you inside Measure & Maximize!

Measure & Maximize


100% Risk-Free

Our program is committed to your success. If you enroll in Measure & Maximize, do the assigned work, and don’t see the value, we will happily provide a 100% refund within 14 days of your purchase. Simply send us an email at

Got questions? We've got answers!

Join Measure and Maximize Today

You get all of this...

  • Unlimited access to course modules including future updates ($2,997)
  • Unlimited access to a private Facebook community
  • Access to our “Fast Pass” that makes getting set up and accessing your data as easy as possible ($1997)
  • Access to monthly live "Data Night" Q&A calls with Jen & Lacey for 12 months ($997)
  • Access to Monthly "Office Hours" calls with our Student Success Manager for 12 months ($497)
  • 1x1 support as needed via email from the Datable team to troubleshoot tech issues for 12 months ($997)
  • BONUS: “Black Book” of Standard Industry Conversion Rates ($47)
  • BONUS: The Basics of Google Tag Manager ($997)
  • BONUS: Team Time Dashboard & Getting Creative with Reporting Workshop ($97)
  • BONUS: Graphic Elements for your Dashboards ($47)
  • BONUS: Delegate Your Data Workshop ($497)

... for only $1297 🎉

(Payment plans available at checkout)

  • If you’re going to make more investments this year...
  • If you’re worried about recession and economic impacts on your business...
  • If you’re not sure what your next step in business should be or where your next 3 (or 300) clients are coming from…

Then this program is for you!

Measure & Maximize is priced far below other programs on the market (and way below the value it provides).

If you’ve been waiting for the secret, this is it.

If you’ve been spinning your wheels, now’s the time to stop. 

We can't wait to welcome you into Measure & Maximize!