What if you could…

Create a fully customized, visually striking dashboard

from scratch that lets you see all of your key metrics as you sip your first cup of coffee each day…so that you (or your clients) are making smart, data-driven decisions instead of operating on instinct?

Hint: This is going to change the way you do business.

For business owners who want to understand data …

You’ve spent enough time in the weeds with Google Analytics as you attempt to piece together useful reports.

Enough time trying to figure out whether that spike in sales last week is due to Facebook ads, a last-minute promotional email that went out, or…something else? (After all, every single platform is trying to claim credit for your sales.)

It’s time to have all that data available at your fingertips in an easy-to-understand format so that you (or your clients) can quickly understand what’s working in their business, what needs to change, and where to invest their time and money.


The Group Program that will teach you to optimize your Google Analytics and build gorgeous custom dashboards using Google Data Studio

In this 8-week digital course, you’ll get:

8+ hours of video training, designed so that you can hit pause anytime to practice what you’re learning.

Access to our signature 3-part Measurement Method™: Planning, Building, and Reporting.

Step-by-step guidance on how to build 3 different dashboards that you can use in your own business.

Live coaching calls… so you can ask questions and get answers in real time!

Access to our private Facebook community for daily support and troubleshooting.

I feel like I got so much value out of it just within the first couple of modules that it paid for itself.

Thanks to the Google Analytics bonus, I was able to go in and see from my automation which emails in a sequence generated the most revenue. It was a goldmine of information, and I didn’t know that I had it in there already.

-Ashley M

No more guessing at what’s working

(or spending time on what’s not).

It’s time to stop treating Google Analytics like a mystery black box and embrace it for the magic it is.

It’s time to stop treating Google Analytics like a mystery black box and embrace it for the magic it is.

Measure & Maximize was created
so that you can:
Gather important data in one place, so no one has to zigzag from Google Analytics to Kajabi and back again when trying to put together a meaningful report
Do a deep dive into what data actually means—and how to leverage it to make more money & cut back on unnecessary spending
Learn how to use data to answer questions, like: Where are sales coming from? What’s the return on investment? And what does the customer journey really look like?

Use the data in your dashboards as the starting point for an overarching marketing strategy.. one that focuses on things you know will actually work

When you finish the course, you’ll be an expert at understanding all the numbers behind your marketing activities and creating gorgeous custom dashboards that make it easy for you (or your clients) to review key metrics at a glance before you tackle the rest of your agenda for the day.

There’s nothing worse

than meeting with an accountant and realizing your business is hemorrhaging money, but not knowing why or how to fix it.

But when you have reliable data that you can easily access and understand, you can spot leaky funnels, low-performing team members, or products that need a marketing jump-start.

In Measure and Maximize, we start by exploring the tools you have available to you. Then we dig into what questions you should be asking based on the type of business you’re working with, where to find the answers, and how to display them in a format that’s easy to understand (and updates without any heavy lifting on your end).

Here’s what we cover:


Understanding Google Analytics

Brush up on the fundamentals—these 3 workshops will give you an overview of everything you need to know about Google Analytics before we dive into dashboards.
module one
Why Data and Dashboards?
Before you jump into working with data, you need to feel confident about the numbers you’re choosing to track and what they represent.

module two

Google Data Studio
There are lots of powerful tools on the market for creating dashboards and automated reports, but none of them can match Google Data Studio when it comes to a) user-friendliness and b) price (it’s free!)
module three
Build a Website Analytics & Funnel Dashboard
No more wondering about where users are coming from or guessing about where they’re dropping out of the funnel.

module four

Build a Product/Sales Dashboard
When a complex tech stack is in play, even an experienced bookkeeper might struggle to explain where revenue is coming from and how products are performing. We’re going to extract that data for our second dashboard, this time focusing on sales.

module five

Dashboard Design
This is not your mama’s outdated excel spreadsheet—and it shouldn’t look like it, either. I’ll teach you styling tricks to make your dashboard stand out, plus the questions you should be asking to make your data tell a story.

module six

The Measurement Method
Let’s zoom out and talk more about strategy—plus how you can use what you’ve already learned to put together completely new dashboards (it’s a bit like playing with Legos).
Hey there, I’m Jen.

Am I a math whiz?! Absolutely not! Heck, I’m a former English Lit major who landed herself in the remedial math class in college. (Embarrassing, but true.)

But my time with high-level executives at Fortune 10 companies taught me how to use data to make better business decisions that get owners REAL results.

I even put my knowledge of data to work when I started a productivity blog…and grew it to reach over 2 million people per year, without spending more than a couple of hours a week. After just 2 years, I was able to sell that blog for a profit.

These days, everything I do is about helping my clients use data to remove guesswork from their businesses so that they can be more profitable.

Here’s the thing…

I believe that you should be able to deliver results consistently—without having to spend 80 hours a week with your butt parked in your office chair.

That’s why I developed Measure and Maximize . . . because I firmly believe any entrepreneur can make strategic, data-driven decisions, without all the confusion and exhaustion that knock so many people off track.

Ready to unlock your genius?! You’ve got this. And I’m here to help.

Measure & Maximize is perfect for:
Measure & Maximize is perfect for:

It’s given me the confidence to work with bigger clients.

Having done Jen’s course, I have the know-how to sit with the CEO and the marketing team of a great company and really delve into the analytics. 

-Claudia E.

This has sold some new clients recently!

I don’t sell it as a stand-alone offer, but I’ve added it to my high-end 1:1 services and it’s a huge value add. I do financial dashboards and since it’s difficult to do advanced reporting in QBO (particularly when Stripe is involved), data studio has given me a way to provide a ton of new insights to clients in a beautiful way. Cannot express enough gratitude to you for this, Jennifer!

-Emily V.

Are you ready?

Join Measure & Maximize today!


Ideal for business owners


Payment Plans Available!


Ideal for 1:1 service providers looking to add measurement services to their offer


Payment Plans Available!

On the fence? We’ve got options.
You didn’t think that was all, did you?
Check out these epic bonuses


“Black Book” of Standard Industry Conversion Rates
so that you can compare the rates you see to industry benchmarks and get a handle on how well your funnel is performing.


Getting Creative with Reporting
An over-the-shoulder tutorial where I show you how I created a dashboard populated by forms, and teach you how to use the same techniques for yourself or your clients.


Graphic Elements for Your Dashboards
Make your dashboards pop with easy-to-read graphics that you can tweak with just a few clicks.
And for our service providers and hard-core data nerds
Join us in VIP and you’ll also snag:


The Business of Measurement
Ready to take everything you’ve learned and transform your business? This bonus module shows you how to find clients, build a pricing model, and set up systems so you can use your dashboard skills to bring in more business.


Cross-Domain Tracking With Google Tag Manager
Tracking can get messy when users hop from one URL to another (which they usually do). This workshop helps you stop attribution issues in their tracks.


White-Labeled UTM Building Tool
This is the tool I use with my clients to track their traffic in minute detail. Use it with yours to make sure that every campaign is perfectly tracked.


Agency License – Traffic Insights Dashboard

No more digging through Google Analytics and Search Console for gems of insight. You get a 1-year license to use this done-for-you dashboard with your clients.


Cross-Domain Tracking With Google Tag Manager
SEO shouldn’t be alphabet soup. With this dashboard, clients can see at a glance how their site is performing when it comes to organic search. You get a 1-year license to use this done-for-you dashboard with your clients.
I wish I had this course 10 years ago.

You can look up YouTube videos…but that’s not giving you step one to step ten of what to do and why it matters. Here’s where to spend your time. Here’s how to set things up.

-Audrey S.

Adding measurement services as an add-on to my existing marketing retainer packages was a no-brainer.

My clients are excited about the potential to get new data that can help them get a deeper understanding of their audience and their marketing efforts.

I’m excited to use the dashboards I’ve created to provide prettier reports that are easy for anyone to understand and to pair them with the market research, strategy analysis, and recommendations I provide to my clients already.

-Vanessa Shepherd
Wondering if Measure & Maximize is right for you?
You’ll get the most out of Measure & Maximize if you check at least four of the boxes below:

Checked off at least four of those boxes?

I can’t wait to meet you inside Measure & Maximize!


Join Measure & Maximize today!


Ideal for business owners


Payment Plans Available!


Ideal for 1:1 service providers looking to add measurement services to their offer


Payment Plans Available!

On the fence? We’ve got options.
I’d like to start for $247!
100% Risk-Free

Our program is committed to your success. If you enroll in Measure & Maximize, do the assigned work, and don’t see the value, we will happily provide a 100% refund within 14 days of your purchase. Simply send us an email at Support@TheNimbleCo.com.



While this program was created with service providers in mind, it’s just as useful for a full-time employee or business owner that wants to how to create dashboards for their business.
This is an 8-week program. The lessons are pre-recorded and are available to access at any time so you can move through the program at your own pace. Assignments are optional but highly encouraged (and you can get your work checked to make sure you’re on track). The time commitment varies based on the individual, but 1-2 hours per week should allow you to complete everything in an 8-week period.
The content is yours to keep for as long as you’d like! If we update the course (and we will, because Google never sleeps), you’ll receive access to the new content as well. The support component expires based on the program tier you select at checkout.
No! We build our dashboards using Google’s free suite of products. You may also choose to use an automation tool like Zapier or Integromat. The idea is to set everything up without having to purchase expensive “connectors.”
If you choose our standard tier at checkout, you get 3 months of access to our community, including group Q&A calls. VIP members get 6 months of access to our community, including group Q&A calls. Plus they also get 6 months of 1:1 email support from Jen & the Nimble Co. team to troubleshoot even the tiniest details.
You’ll be able to connect with other students (and eventually, alumni) and the Nimble Co team in our private Facebook group. Have a sales call coming up and you’re not sure how to pitch your dashboard services? Trying to do some complex data blending and running into issues? Want an opinion on your new logo? We’re always happy to chime in with some advice.
YES! This is PERFECT for that. You’ll get all the benefits of a custom service for a fraction of the price, and then if your tech stack changes down the road, you’ll have someone who can make all the necessary changes for you.
Yes, the three dashboards you build in the training alone are something you could easily turn around and sell to clients for thousands of dollars. (I know, because I’ve done it!) Don’t see your question here? Email us at support@thenimbleco.com.
If you’ve made it this far, you’re someone that cares about the details.

So I want you to consider this: What’s the opportunity cost of NOT taking action?

Imagine a few months from now, you’re sitting in a post-launch team meeting. The numbers aren’t in line with what you all were expecting. Things could go one of two ways:

option #1

You aren’t really sure what to tell your team. You’re not sure what worked and what didn’t. You’re feeling, well, stumped.


option #2

You have dashboards that tell you where your sales came from, what drove traffic but didn’t convert, and where people dropped off in their sales journey. You feel confident answering any question that comes your way — it’s your time to shine!

yes, please!

Join Measure & Maximize today!


Ideal for business owners


Payment Plans Available!


Ideal for 1:1 service providers looking to add measurement services to their offer


Payment Plans Available!

On the fence? We’ve got options.